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Fall 2023 Teener 13-14 Development Program

FALL 2023 Teener 13-14 Development Program

State College Teener will run a developmental program for 13-14 year olds this fall. The main goal will be to get the younger and less experienced Teener age players experience transitioning to the big field. The specific activities will vary each night, including dynamic warm-ups, a series of drills (using stations to rotate players through), and a game-like activity at the end. Drills will be built around getting kids many repetitions all over the field, and identifying and working with players on where they have fundamental gaps. Aside from getting used to game play on the big field, we would work on skill development and help this age group start transition into the athletic development activities of the off season.

We will meet Monday and Thursday nights, 5:30-7:30, beginning on August 28th (and skipping the Labor Day holiday). We will run for at least 6 weeks (with any extension past 6 weeks dependent on weather, field availability, and interest). Mike Janik ( will be coordinating activities, and other parents or volunteer coaches are welcome to help out. Please contact Mike with any questions.

Program is open to all players that will play in Spring 2024 at 13 or 14 years of age. Registration will remain open until August 27.

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