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Refund Policy

*effective January 1, 2022

The success of our league is dependent on the players and their commitment to the league. Accordingly, we expect that all players and parents will follow through with their commitment to the league by completing all required paperwork and paying all fees in a timely manner.

Our program has a stringent refund policy because a player’s acceptance can be a deciding factor on proceeding with team activities & expenses which are contingent on the number of acceptances received by the league. Additionally, costs accrue to the league for services provided to the team based on player headcount. Accordingly, fees are not refundable and not transferable. Fees for participation in the league cover the full season. A player who accepts an invitation to play with SCTL commits to pay the entire fee for the full season. No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose not to participate at any point after acceptance for any reason, including players suspended from the program. The only exceptions are:

(1) In the event that a player has a season ending injury, and after review of records provided by the treating physician or facility; or
(2) For families that relocate outside of the Centre region (30 miles) during the season.

The Board may consider a partial refund in these circumstances or other extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.


While the Teener League will do its best to have all teams play all games on their schedule, the weather in Central Pennsylvania can sometimes be unpredictable. The league does its best, and at considerable expense, to make sure that the fields drain and dry out as quickly as possible after a heavy rain, but sometimes games have to be rescheduled and/or canceled due to the weather. The league in general does not reimburse for the cost of canceled games, as much of the expense that goes into running and maintaining the fields are incurred regardless. In many cases, the cost of applying materials to the fields to absorb rain water results in additional costs. The Board may consider a partial refund in these circumstances on a team by team basis.

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